Development Environment Management (DEM) Solution Assessment Overview

8/11/2017 - One alternative, OpenShift on-premise, has been sized and estimated in detail. A second alternative, utilizing path redirection from UTDirect to a Virtual Public Cloud (VPC) running on Amazon Web Services (AWS), has been identified as a potential alternative. The Proof of Concept for AWS is currently awaiting additional Identity and Access Management (IAM) facilities point-of-presence in AWS, expected early in FY18.

As a part of the Technical Architecture Design and Specification (TADS) project, the project team identified the Application Developer Support (ADS) track as a critical enabling component for campus developers to leverage a modern infrastructure and take advantage of new technologies. At the time, TADS determined the current Python and Java runtime environments (Python Production Environment [PyPE] and Yax, respectively) to be suitable near-term solutions while the future solution should provide a migration path for PyPE and Yax.

The Development Environment Management (DEM) Solution Assessment project will identify potential open source and/or market products to meet the campus needs for a modernized application development and execution environment for use by the campus IT community. If necessary, ITS Applications staff will work with Purchasing to determine the best approach for selecting a campus solution.

Project Goals

At the conclusion of this project, an application development and execution environment solution for the administrative systems IT development community will have been chosen. If necessary, the procurement of the solution will be defined and planned for a subsequent project.

Critical success factors for this solution include a solution that will integrate into the new ASMP architecture, adoption by campus administrative IT developers, and improved application isolation and scaling from the current solution.


The purpose of the project is to assess solutions for the administrative systems campus development environment. The project team will consider the effort to build a solution in-house as well as assessing market solutions. If a market solution is determined to be best fit, the project team will determine the procurement approach with the university’s purchasing department.

The project will also define a high level procurement and implementation plan for the selected solution after a procurement approach is determined with guidance from the University’s Purchasing department.

Out of Scope

The following items are excluded from the project scope and will be included in subsequent projects:

  • Procurement of the selected solution
  • Implementation of the selected solution
  • Migration or deprecation of the current PyPE or Yax environments