Current Core Value Initiatives: Networking and Telecommunications

Next Generation Network

Phase 1 consists of assessment, planning, and costing for the university's network to provide:

  • Improved service for students, faculty and staff who will benefit from consistent and reliable Wi-Fi and wired networks
  • Greater security with a focus on protecting faculty research and university intellectual property and responding rapidly to threats
  • Increased operational efficiency, with CSU IT staff freed up to support local missions
  • Shifting the burden of compliance and accountability from CSUs to central ITS; increased agency, grant and regulatory compliance
  • Centrally planned budgets that are visible, consistent, and adequate to the need

The plan was completed in the fall of 2021 with the help of the campus IT community (>350 meetings with hundreds of participants -- THANK YOU).  The project is now investigating questions and alternatives posed by governance.  Phase 2 (Preparation) and Phase 3 (Execution) are pending those investigations.

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[Core Values: Stewardship, Service, Integrity, Innovation]

Wi-Fi Access Point (AP) Lifecycle

Replacing 50% the university’s APs (5,000 across 130 buildings):

  • End of vendor support for the models Cisco 2700/3700 APs is expected in Spring 2023 (APs will have served 6 – 8 years).
  • New APs will support the latest standards with greater capabilities and performance.
  • Unit funding for this $5M-$7M project will be required by 9/2021 to complete lifecycles before the APs no longer function.
  • ITS has collected the initial round of funding and is now collecting a second round due to inflation.
  • Supply chain challenges have impacted this project.  Installations are not expected to begin until Spring 2023.

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[Core Values: Stewardship]

Core Network Lifecycles

Key components of the network will be lifecycled to maintain vendor support, security patches, and performance.  These include:  the connection to the Internet, the core all buildings connect through, and the data center network.  ITS will design and place equipment orders this coming fiscal year. 

Implementation is expected to take two years due to the scale projects and supply chain challenges.  Changes will transparent for end users.  Unit technical staff with data center resources will be engaged to monitor any impact as that lifecycle takes place.


[Core Values: Stewardship]

Main Campus Small Cell Upgrades

Continuing work with cellular service providers to upgrade services on the main campus, specifically small cell deployment across campus.

The stadium system was upgraded in time for the fall 2021 season.

[Core Values: Stewardship, Innovation]

Microsoft Teams Telephone Calling

Teams Phone Calling is now available to all Basic and Business telephone subscribers, and is also available as Teams only.  ITS will be expanding support for Teams features to replace some traditional Business class features.

[Core Values: Innovation]

N&T Billing System

The billing system (MySoft) is no longer supported and is being replaced with a modern service increasing visibility to units.

[Core Values: Stewardship, Service, Integrity]

General Networks 2.0

New security features have been implemented protecting the Wi-Fi General Network, along with a new registration system to be used by IT support staff.  Those same feature will be made available for the wired General Network fall of 2022.


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[Core Values:  Innovation, Integrity]