Current Core Value Initiatives: Networking and Telecommunications

Next Generation Network

Phase 1 consists of assessment, planning, and budgeting for the university's network to provide:

  • Improved service for students, faculty and staff who will benefit from consistent and reliable Wi-Fi and wired networks
  • Greater security with a focus on protecting faculty research and university intellectual property and responding rapidly to threats
  • Increased operational efficiency, with CSU IT staff freed up to support local missions
  • Shifting the burden of compliance and accountability from CSUs to central ITS; increased agency, grant and regulatory compliance
  • Centrally planned and funded budgets that are visible, consistent, and adequate to the need

The plan is to be completed fall of 2021.  Phase 2 (Preparation) and Phase 3 (Execution) are pending the plan and its review.

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[Core Values: Stewardship, Service, Integrity, Innovation]

Wi-Fi Access Point (AP) Lifecycle

Replacing 50% the university’s APs (5,000 across 130 buildings):

  • End of vendor support for the models Cisco 2700/3700 APs is expected in Spring 2022 (APs will have served 5 – 7 years).
  • New APs will support the latest standards with greater capabilities and performance.
  • Unit funding for this $5M-$7M project will be required by 9/2021 to complete lifecycles before the APs no longer function.
  • ITS has sent unit-level estimates to all its contacts and funds are being collected.
  • Supply chain challenges may impact this project.

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[Core Values: Stewardship]

New Network Access Point (NAP)

NAPs are specially designed data centers supporting all the equipment and media interconnecting university facilities to each other and the world.  This new NAP replaces a 35 year-old facility which could not sustain network growth.

Construction of the new facility is completed and services are being migrated without disrupting university activities.

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[Core Values: Stewardship]

Main Campus Small Cell and DKR Stadium Upgrades

Continuing work with cellular service providers to upgrade services on the main campus.  This spring Phase 2 of small cell deployment begins.


[Core Values: Stewardship, Innovation]

Microsoft Teams Telephone Calling

Teams Phone Calling is now available to all Basic and Business telephone subscribers.

[Core Values: Innovation]

N&T Billing System

Is no longer supported and is being replaced with a modern service increasing visibility to units.

[Core Values: Stewardship, Service, Integrity]

General Networks 2.0

New security features are being implemented for the Wi-Fi General Network this winter (and soon after for the wired General Networks) protecting all devices.


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[Core Values:  Innovation, Integrity]